Coteacher + Pulse

Our two current products work hand-in-hand to save time and better support every student in your classroom.

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Get ready for every class

Coteacher is your own personal assistant. From adapting your daily lessons to student interests or the test (when you have to), to checking student understanding, to automating parent communication – Coteacher's got your back.

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Check for understanding

When you tell Coteacher what you're teaching today, it'll build a Pulse, which is a Kahoot style workspace with questions that help measure how well your students got today's content. You can approve Coteacher's questions or add add your own seamlessly.

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One-on-one coaching

Coteacher will provide one-on-one coaching with your students on every question they answer. Coteacher is designed to help move every student up Bloom's Taxonomy from wherever they started. And of course you can jump into and review any live conversation in real-time.

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Real-time dashboards

The Pulse dashboard shows you how your students are doing in real-time. As they engage with each question, your Learning Heatmap will light up. Go from red to green with every student, every day.

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Plan what's next

Coteacher will automatically adapt its recommendations for tomorrow's lessons based on how well your students understood without throwing off your entire scope and sequence. It'll also keep your students on top of older content they need to remember.

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Know all of your students

You have 200+ students! Coteacher will help you learn more personal facts and interests so you can better support and connect with every one of them. It'll also adapt future lesson plans and pulse checks to match.

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