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Teachers and Admins ❤️ SchoolAI

“SchoolAI understands that adopting AI in schools is not just about a new tool, but it’s about solving actual problems for people in the building. Building something that’s useful for students, teachers, and school leaders from the get-go is a home run.”

Jethro Jones
Transformative Principal

“I'm so grateful that I've been able to use this tool and gain a better understanding of what AI has to offer. If SchoolAI isn't available this coming year I will find out what I need to do to have it. This is a game changer that needs to be available to all educators as soon as possible.”

Christena Johnson
Teacher, Jordan School District

“I’m a middle school teacher with 100+ students at a time. SchoolAI helps me stay tuned to the students who need my help, especially the ones who usually fly under the radar. It helps me be a better, more aware, connected teacher.”

Grace Wilson
Teacher, Walden Liberal Arts Academy

"Oftentimes I use written, translated instructions to get important content to my newcomer MLs. Writing instructions for these students often took a few hours a week, but SchoolAI can trim that down to a few minutes."

Braxton Thornley
Teacher, Bingham High School

"This is an awesome tool that can save teachers a lot of time. Using this tool, I can focus my attention on delivering instruction rather than searching for materials. I can also better meet my student's needs by creating custom materials that will benefit them."

Gabriela Giles
Teacher, Monte Vista Elementary

"This was a HUGE time saver and I would literally be lost without it. It can be tailored to anything that you need: readings, rubrics, research, fill in the blank, cloze reading and fun hands on activities. It has saved me HOURS of research and looking for just the right idea."

Patti Zealley
Teacher, Falcon Ridge Elementary

"The tools that SchoolAI provides can save me a lot of time, so I can focus more on student interventions, providing specific feedback for students, analyzing student data and adjusting instruction, and continuing to improve my practice as a teacher."

Sara Elder
Teacher, Hidden Valley Middle School

I have loved the chat as it has helped me craft professional, thought-out emails. I've loved the ability to have students interact with the chat and I can monitor it. That is amazing! I also love having "pulse" which creates assessments that I can monitor and provides open-ended questions. It is AMAZING!!

Abigail Jensen
Teacher, South Jordan Middle School

I've pinned SchoolAI on my bookmark bar and have used it daily since gaining access.

Joshua Stott
Asst. Principal, Joel P. Jensen Middle School